Jasmin Piurkowsky

Crafting Platforms for Transformation

Let's Get Real.

We're in an era where cookie-cutter tactics and soulless funnels are doled out like factory-produced widgets.

And while others are teaching crap that doesn't work (and charging a fortune for it), I stand for something profoundly different…

You see, I am able to elegantly meld the head and the heart, blending business acumen with a compassionate understanding of your unique business makeup, along with the authentic needs and values of the people you serve.

With me, you're not just getting a marketing strategist; you're gaining a compassionate ally uniquely gifted at providing potent guidance that tangibly moves your business forward.

I've "cracked the code" for countless 6 and 7-figure clients, and now I want to do the same for you.

If you're here, you're more than

"just a service-based business owner"...

You're a heart-centered woman with a mission to touch lives, make a positive impact, and, of course, be generously rewarded for the transformative work you do.

You're just my kind of person.

And guess what?

I'm here to help you take your work to soaring heights and create an expansive impact—all while preserving the heart in your business.

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A Little About Jasmin Piurkowsky...

Hey, there!

My name is Jasmin Piurkowsky.

I'm a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, Sales Funnel Expert, & Heart-Centered Business Coach.

I've spent the last 10+ years closely collaborating with 6 and 7-figure business owners, helping them not just succeed but thrive.

What lights me up?

Amplifying your powerful business vision by crafting a customized, tangible digital marketing strategy.

I want to see you earn what you're worth while you build an unbelievable platform for your unique message.

I want to show you exactly how you can make your business profitable, sustainable, and meaningful-- without resorting to slimy or manipulative tactics that don't feel good for you or the people you serve.

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Offerings Designed with YOU in Mind.

Private Coaching


The Impact Collective

Customized coaching to pinpoint your unique path to online success & a well-mapped strategy tailor-made for you.

Seamless, stress-free implementation of your customized strategy from someone who "gets it".

My soon-to-launch Online Business School for Heart-Centered Businesses Owners.

What Other Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Are Saying

"Jasmin is a dedicated, skilled, and organized professional. She did a great job on all of the projects she worked on for us and was a joy to have on the team.

We were grateful to be able to work with her and highly recommend her!"

- Raya

"She did a great job driving traffic to our website, and helping us to generate increased leads and sales for our online education game. She also implemented a marketing solution that lets us reliably drive sales from game memberships , automatically!!

The results have been astounding, and our experience working with Jasmin has been nothing short of eye-opening and delightful. "

- Brian

"Jasmin did a great job on my ClickFunnels and Facebook ad marketing efforts.

Would absolutely hire again. Like I told her, she is the Queen of Funnels!"

- Tasha

Not Sure Where to Go From Here?

No worries, that’s totally normal!

Even if you're not sure where to begin, that's okay!

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We'll have a chat, and by the end, you'll walk away with clarity around your best next steps—whether they include me or not.

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Our Common Purpose

You're a healer, a teacher, a guide.

Your work is crucial, and you deserve the real truth about what it takes to build a successful online business—one that doesn't just generate revenue, but makes a meaningful difference too.

Let's create that powerhouse business of hope and light together.

In the spirit of authentic connection and transformation.

Remember, you have the capacity to transform the world,

and I'm here to help you do it.

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